“I will plant them in this land with all of My heart and all of My soul…” Jer. 32:41 


HELPING HIS CHOSEN RETURN, preparing a place for them to live.

The need is great on both sides of the immigration process in helping Jews return to Israel.  There is a lack of affordable housing and jobs for new immigrants especially in the Negev region.  We are working with mayors and community leaders to help supply this need by plans to build apartments, houses and greenhouses. This will help the new immigrants we are working with to get a good start in Israel.


Incoming immigrants will have an opportunity for employment in agriculture and construction vocations. Israel needs people with these various skills.     


Building in Israel is being part of the Biblical call to build up Zion!


You can be a part of this exciting promise. Become a part of one of these projects.


For more information email us at or call 970-223-3307.





The time has come when many more Jews are wanting to move "home" to Israel from the Americas. The Cyrus Foundation, a non-profit, tax-exempt Christian foundation, directed by Bart and Deborah Kellogg along with other ministry leaders, is helping to make it possible for needy Jewish people in North, Central and South America to return to Israel and make it their home once again.